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C.T. Wallis Ready for Paint and bespoke build.


An opportunity now exists for an interested party to create his or her own very unique steel bicycle,


A one off frame built by the Yorkshire Artisan C.T Wallis is now at the final stage of the creation and ready for paint.


The this 22 inch / 56cm frame set features Diadrant Forks and Magnum Bonum lugs and is an extremely well made version of some classic features of the British Steel Bikes from our past.


The frame set has been entirely crafted by Mr Wallis. I have added a couple pics from the construction process , some information about C T Wallis in the final photos plus a couple of images from previously finished frames.


Currently the displayed pictures are all I have.


Please contact us directly if you are interested in this item.








C.T. Wallis Ready for Paint and bespoke build.


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