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Shimano Dura-Ace Group Set 1973 1st Generation

£285.00 (Sold out)

Shimano Dura-Ace Groupset

This item is  a Dura-Ace First Generation group set made by Shimano and dated between 1973 and 1979

This is a beautiful looking piece of Cycling History and presentsan opportunity that may not be so common  to acquire this First generation set of Dura-Ace, Shimano's flag ship group set.

Consisting of

1 Chainset (52/42) with 170 CrankArms - Model GA-200 First Generation (1973-1979)
2 Brake Levers - First Generation (1973-1979)
3. Brake Calipers First Generation (1973 -1979) with orginal Shimano Pads and Pantographed Braking Shoes
4. Shimano Crane Rear Derailleur (1973-1976)
5 Shimano Shifters L-284 / SL-101 (1973-) First Generation Dura-Ace
6 Shiamo Dura-Ace Front Deraileuer  EA-100 First Generation  (1973)
7 SR SP-100A Pedals ( French Threaded - To Fit Crankset)
8. Shimano Dura-Ace Seat Post - Also First Generation, added on 25 Jan 2019 and increasing price of set by £30 - Probabble Model :  Shimano SP-7200, Dura-Ace EX - circa 1981 according to velobase. Size 26.8mm (not pictured)

This is a lovely set,and I would say in very good to excellent condition given it's age.- 45 years!

The Chainset is a lovely looking centre piece with plenty of wear left in the chain rings, which are both period Shimano. It does have a few marks, notably along the right crank arm - a couple of tiny scratches. There is some evidence of pedal wearing at entry to the pedal thread on both arms. I have been able to remove and replace both pedals in the thread. It is French thread , so I have included a time appropriate pair in the group set. You'll find the French thread a snug fit.

Chainset includes: Crank Arm dustcaps (Original Steel) , Original Crank Bolts and Washers

The brake levers as you'd expect , have some minor marks but  these arehardly noticeable. The calipers , apart from the ageing of the the attachments are in an A1 condition.

The Crane Derailleur has the usual markings on the two 'bolt' parts that you'd expect after 45 yearsand this doess not detract from it at all!

The shifters are excellent but the band is tired and the wording can not be made out. I'd say that's the most disappointing aspect of the whole set.

The front derailleur is in a very good condition.

The crank arm requires Pedals 14mm x 1,25mm (French Thread) , so these are included and come with Christophe Toe Clips and straps, the Pedals are SR 100-A

Below are details from Velobase regarding each component.

Item Reference 63V273, GYVSO63P270 , GYVSO63P267, GYVSO63P272 , GYVSO63P273 , GYVSO63P268, 63V274

About Vintage Parts

Vintage parts offered by me are used and whilst in full working order, may show signs of age , there may be some faint signs of rust (faint and few) or some signs of damage, which in most cases will be light . In addition there may be a few marks and scratches which I have tried to show on photographs and that are commensurate with what is expected of a product of this age.